Passbook is gaining momentum.  Now that the Dunkin Donuts app has been updated to support Passbook, the Passbook app has now found its way on to my main home screen.  In addition to the Dunkin app, I have American Express, several local rewards cards, and Valuepak coupons for restaurants and other products and services that I use often.  While there are more and more apps coming on board with Passbook support, there are some businesses that do either do not have an iOS app or do not yet support Passbook.  For those businesses that do have rewards cards but no app, there might be a solution: PassSource.

PassSource is a website that allows you to create a Passbook card without the need for an app.  The site currently has template inputs for around 50 vendors and the list is growing.  The list includes businesses such as Subway, RIteAid, Best Buy, Amtrak, AAA, Gamestop, Costco, and many more.  To create a new Passbook card fIrst point your iOS browser to http://www.passsource.com.  Once there, select "Create", and you are on your way to creating new Passbook cards.  The templates for vendors who have store locations have the ability to search and enter in a local (favorite) store.  After selecting a store (not required) you then input the rewards card barcode information and/or identification number.  Below is a sample of the Rite Aid Wellness+ card.

Once you press the Create button, a image of the store reward card is displayed with the proper bar code created with your information.  All that's left is to press and Add button on the upper right hand corner and your card will be added to the passbook application.  

The ability to add cards using this method really makes Passbook more useful and allows people to take advantage of the functionality without having to wait for the vendor or business to code an app and support electronic cards.   The PassSource site mentions that it is currently in beta, but the functionality works well and support is growing.  

If you want to try out Passbook and you are a patron of a particular business that is currently supported by PassSource, I would highly recommend going over to http://www.passsource.com and give it a whirl.  I know I have and it's made Passbook that much more useful to me. 

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